The Austrian Film Museum presents film works principally in the form of analog film projections and is committed to locating prints in their original format (35mm and 16mm). Video and digitally-produced works as well as Television productions are screened either on video or digitally as required. Exceptions are noted where appropriate.
L'avventura, 1960, Michelangelo Antonioni (Photo: Deutsche Kinemathek)
January 6 to February 9, 2017


Cinema of the Isles: An Italian Journey
Having outlined an image of the metropolis of Rome from the perspective of Italian post-war cinema last year, the Film Museum turns its gaze on an equally iconic place at the start of 2017. Sicily, often dubbed the "island of contradictions", to this day remains the epitome of the economically underdeveloped South of Italy, notoriously permeated by feudal structures further reproduced by the stranglehold of the Mafia. On the other hand, thanks to its fascinating contrasts and (cultural) landscapes, the region is still perceived as a dream destination. Taking the exhilarating cinema of the region as its basis, the Film Museum's retrospective pursues such apparently paradoxical lines of development. It also attempts to uncover the historical roots of our images of Sicily by going beyond the current media clichés. [...]
January 18 and 19, 2017

David Bowie. Killing a Little Time

On two evenings in January, the Film Museum will uncover lesser-known aspects of the art and pop figure David Bowie. The program will show rare film and TV documents such as Baal (1982), The Image (1969), and many others, framed by Chris Höller's richly illustrated presentation and an onstage conversation with singer Dana Gillespie. [...]
Bella addormentata, 2012, Marco Bellocchio (Foto: Francesca Fago)
January 26 and 27, 2017

Premiere: "Bella addormentata" by Marco Bellocchio

"For over 40 years, Marco Bellocchio has been approaching the political through the personal. And regardless of whether his films are set in the past or the present, all of Italy always seems to be going to pieces." (M. Kienzl) This statement is perfectly illuminated by Bella addormentata. [...]
January 30 to February 3, 2017

Bruce Baillie

Bruce Baillie, who was born in 1931 in Aberdeen, South Dakota, shines as one of the brightest stars in the galaxy of New American Cinema. The filigree beauty and poetry of his work has influenced generations of filmmakers. Baillie's unique voice can now be rediscovered in the broader context of this five-part film program. [...]