Film Museum staff members are frequently present at international conferences, festivals and venues to hold lectures, introduce projects and give updates on the state of current research projects.


September 16 | University of Applied Arts Vienna (online)
Vanessa Scharrer: "That's Original! Preservation and Restoration of Photographic and Motion Picture Material". Lecture as part of the International Summer School 2020 Remote organized by the University of Applied Arts Vienna on the topic of Sustaining Cultural Heritage through Preventive Conservation and Collection Care.

September 10 (postponed from June 4) | Wiener Stadt- und Landesarchiv
As part of an exhibition on Viennese cinema-history Günter Krenn will talk about Austrian film production from the beginning to the early sound film era (Ein Gebrauchsgegenstand mit künstlerischen Elementen. Bemerkungen zur österreichischen Filmproduktion von den Anfängen bis in die Tonfilmzeit).
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May 27 | Orphan Film Symposium - Online
Petra Belc (Cineclub Zagreb) and Nadja Šičarov (Austrian Film Museum) present "The Maritime Mini-documentaries: Restoring the Amateur Experimental" and Super 8 Sound Films of Tatjana Ivančić (Yugoslavia, 1970s).
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May 14 | University of Applied Arts Vienna
Stefan Huber leads an online unit of the seminar "a course on animals and art" at the Institute for Visual and Media Arts, Sculpture and Space/University of Applied Arts (seminar leader: Eva Seiler). Title of his lecture: "(Human) animal in the surrealistic films".
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March 20 (cancelled) | Cinéma du réel, Paris
Nadja Šičarov: Presentation of the restoration work of Grand Opera (1979, James Benning) during the European Classic Documentary Meeting at the Festival Cinema du réel.
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March 7 | Technical Museum Vienna
Michael Loebenstein and Franziska Mühlbacher, head of Education at the Technical Museum, guide through the "Special Effects" exhibition, while Victoria Grinzinger and Stefan Huber show film clips and discuss how films use special effects to create fantastic worlds.
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March 3  | Cinémathèque française, Paris
Jurij Meden talks about Portrait of a Programmer at the 5th FIAF/Cinémathèque française Winter School "Programming Film Heritage"

February 27 | Berlinale/silent green Kulturquartier
Michael Loebenstein at the Panel "ANTI-CINEMA, COUNTER-ARCHIVES. Strategies of dissident film preservation, restoration and circulation". An invitation of Forum and Forum Expanded.
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February 12 | International Film Studies Conference, Venice
Paolo Caneppele: Participation in the panel "Amateur & Archive Film Festivals" during the International Film Studies Conference "Reframing Film Festivals. Histories, Economies, Cultures". Title of contribution: I festival del cinema amatoriale. Metodi di ricerca, fonti, storia, prospettive.
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February 2 | Stiftung Universität Hildesheim
Michael Loebenstein talks about "Visual History of the Holocaust. Rethinking Curating in the Digital Age" at the international symposium "Ethics of Curating".
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January 27 |  Malach Centre for Visual History, Prague
Michael Loebenstein: Participation in the Expert Panel "Institutions and Oral History in Europe, 'Small' and 'Big' Perspectives and Possibilities, Research and Technology"
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January 14 | University Salzburg
Lecture Katharina Müller: "Über Umwege: Ins Österreichische Filmmuseum"

January 8 | University of Applied Arts Vienna
Stefan Huber leads a unit of the seminar "a course on animals" at the Institute for Visual and Media Arts, Sculpture and Space/University of Applied Arts (seminar leader: Eva Seiler). Title of his lecture: "(Human) animal and cinematic apparatus. A failed attempt at domestication".
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