Program January / February 2023

(January 12 to March 1, 2023)

January 12 to March 1, 2023

Pier Paolo Pasolini / Mauro Bolognini / Carlo Lizzani

We kick off the year with a focus on a trio who would have turned 100: three prominent Italian filmmakers who each made critical, modern films in their own way and were close artistically and as friends. As one of the major artistic personalities of the 20th century, Pier Paolo Pasolini (1922–1975) stands at the center. We will combine Pasolini's films with a broad selection of work by his cinematic mentor Mauro Bolognini (1922–2001). The third member of the gang, Carlo Lizzani (1922–2013), played a key part in renewing Italian cinema via neorealism. [...]
January 14 and February 19, 2023

Cinema for Little Ones

Cinemini on Tour: A Splash of Color

Cinema for Little Ones brings film programs, moderated by a film educator, to children ages 3 and up and their families. A Splash of Color takes us on an exciting journey through animated and experimental films reaching back to the origins of cinema. [...]
15. Jänner 2023

Collection on Screen

Lav Diaz – Part 3

Our slow and ongoing Lav Diaz retrospective – featuring films from our collection that Diaz has entrusted us to preserve – continues with a rare screening of the director's feature Evolution of a Filipino Family (2004). [...]
January 21, 2023

Films You Cannot See Elsewhere

The Amos Vogel Atlas Chapter 13:
Pasolini Wüst. Films and Conversation

Ten months after Pier Paolo Pasolini's murder, Laura Betti, initiated a documentary film project to decry the lackluster official investigation and the intentional disinformation about the case: Il silenzio è complicità. Complimenting it is Pasolinicode02112011 by Viennese based German filmmaker Ludwig Wüst on the occasion of the 36th anniversary of Pasolini's death. [...]
January 22 to February 26, 2023

Collection on Screen

Eyes Looking At You: Peter Lorre

Radiant, surprised, tired, sad, agitated: Peter Lorre (1904–1964) looks out at us from the screen with all of these moods. A round, wide pair of eyes is probably the most noticeable feature of an actor who left a decisive mark on cinema like nobody else in the 20th century. [...]
January 27 and 29, 2023

Visual History of the Holocaust

How do images leave an impression on our visual memory and in what specific ways do moving images do this? This is the guiding question behind this project coordinated by the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Digital History and the Austrian Film Museum. In many respects, the project explores the boundaries of what can be said, shown and done. [...]
February 9, 2023

Afterimage Presents

The British film magazine Afterimage (1970–87) was founded more than 50 years ago, in a very different time – one of new directions in international cinema and its accompanying manifestos. Our programs celebrate the publication of The Afterimage Reader (The Visible Press, 2022), a rich selection of critical essays, filmmaker interviews and manifestos. [...]
Each Tuesday

What Is Film

Program 31–44

Works by Stan Brakhage, Robert Breer, Dietmar Brehm, Aleksandr Dovženko, Carl Theodor Dreyer, VALIE EXPORT, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Karl Kels, Kurt Kren, Pat O’Neill, Ernst Schmidt jr., Hans-Christof und Rosemarie Stenzel, Peter Tscherkassky, Andy Warhol [...]