Program October / November 2020

Due to the current circumstances, the Film Museum will be closed from November 3, 2020 until further notice. At the time being, we are not able to present our programs at the "Invisible Cinema" as originally planned, but we are working on ways of sharing these with you at a later date.

Recycled Cinema

The title of our restrospective, Recycled Cinema, is much more than a poetic invention. Found footage filmmakers refuse to litter our world with more images of itself, refuse to perceive their own images as necessary, opting instead to breathe fresh life into an already existing body of images. While "found footage filmmaking," vast and diverse as it is, appears both marginal and elusive as the subject of a retrospective, the sheer number of artists who devoted their entire careers to found footage speaks to its lasting legacy and ongoing impact.
A program of Viennale and Austrian Film Museum in cooperation with sixpackfilm [...]
October 23 to November 1, 2020

Viennale at the Film Museum

The Austrian Film Museum is not only the venue for our joint retrospective with the Viennale, Recycled Cinema, but also a festival cinema showing special programs and contemporary works from numerous filmmakers. [...]

Demand Respond

44. Duisburg Documentary Film Festival at the Film Museum

For its 44th edition, the Duisburg Documentary Film Festival invites to guest performances in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, in collaboration with six partner cinemas. Members of the selection committee and friends of the festival will moderate and record discussions with guests on site. At the Austrian Film Museum, the films Zu dritt by Agnese Làposi and Benjamin Bucher as well as Kunst kommt aus dem Schnabel wie er gewachsen ist by Sabine Herpich will be shown in the presence of the filmmakers. [...]

Building New Vocabularies of Resistance

Screenings, lectures, performative interventions

On two days in November, the Film Museum will be the site of a special collaborative project, where film screenings and lectures as well as performative lab situations will sound the depths of the potential of the language of film and video. The focus will be on developing vocabularies that oppose discrimination, epistemic violence, invisible realities, lost memories, and closed archives. [...]

Life in Images

Kinoreal Special: 20 Years of

With a selection of six extraordinary Austrian documentary titles from the years 1983 to 2017, we are celebrating the 20 years of existence of, the Austrian Documentary Film Alliance, as well as a body of work whose scope and diversity time and again breaks with the conventions of traditional documentary filmmaking. [...]

"Meine Reisen durch den Film"

Book presentation and lecture by Harry Tomicek

"Meine Reisen durch den Film" contains 63 texts written over a period of 40 years. These texts are dedicated to individual films made between 1895 and 2020, but they are also devoted to the art of film in its entirety, and film as such. [...]
Cyclical Program

What is Film: Program 15–21

Works by Kenneth Anger, Martin Arnold, Luis Buñuel, Cinématographe Lumière, René Clair & Francis Picabia, Carl Theodor Dreyer, Ken Jacobs, Man Ray, Ron Rice, Walter Ruttmann, Paul Sharits, Robert Siodmak & Edgar G. Ulmer, Dziga Vertov, Andy Warhol [...]