COVID-19 Measures

Frequently Asked Questions (effective October 1, 2021)

What measures is the Film Museum taking to ensure my safety?
We are implementing all the measures stipulated by the Austrian Federal Government and recommended by first aid organizations to minimize the chance of virus transmission among our guests and staff.
These include:
  • Staggering start and finish times of screenings to reduce queues across the venue and operating safe queuing measures with floor markings.
  • More frequent and more thorough cleaning routines throughout the cinema, with extra controls in all highly frequented areas.
  • Disinfection of the movie theater by anti-viral fogging after each screening.
  • Regular staff testing for Covid-19.
  • Mandatory protective mask for all guests and members of staff. Wearing an FFP2 mask is mandatory only for unvaccinated visitors without a proof of recovery.
  • Regular evaluation and revision of infection risk reduction strategies and staff training.

What can I do to minimize the risk of infection for myself and others?
We are doing our utmost to keep things as easy as possible for you. Nevertheless, we ask you to follow these general recommendations:
  • Maintain a distance from people you do not live with or who are not in your support bubble.
  • If at all possible, wait outside for the beginning of the show.
  • Always wear a protective mask indoors. We recommend wearing a FFP2 mask.
  • Wash or disinfect your hands regularly. You are welcome to use the sanitizing station in our lobby.
  • Only take the seat you selected when you purchased your ticket.
  • Follow the instructions of our staff for your own protection.
Do I have to wear a protective mask in the Film Museum?
Yes. A protective mask has to be worn at all times during your visit. Wearing an FFP2 mask is mandatory for unvaccinated visitors if you don't have a proof of recovery.

Do I need to have a "3G" certificate to attend a screening?
Yes. Proof of low risk of infection due to one of the 3 Gs (getestet=tested, geimpft=vaccinated, genesen=recovered) must be provided in different ways:
  • Tested: A PCR test is valid for 48 hours. An antigen test is not permitted.
  • Recovered: Proof of recovery from a Covid-19 infection is also valid for 180 days after recovery. A test is not required in this case.
  • Vaccinated: If you have already been vaccinated, a vaccination certificate is also valid, provided that at least 22 days have passed since the administration of the jab for single-dose vaccinations or that you have already received the second jab of your two-dose vaccination.

Can I also make a test on site?
No. Self-testing is no longer permitted.

What is audience contact tracing?
Audience contact tracing is the collection and retention of guests' data.
The data is collected for the sole purpose of communicating with guests in the event of any contact with a person who has tested positive.
We kindly ask you to fill in and hand in the corresponding form at the box office when purchasing a ticket. Your data will be treated discreetly and will not be copied or transferred. After 28 days, the sheets will be destroyed in compliance with the GDPR.
What will happen to the data that I provide for the purpose of audience contact tracing?
The data is used exclusively for the purpose of communication with you in the event of possible contact with an infected person. The data will be deleted or destroyed after 28 days.
Can I buy my tickets online?
Yes! You can find more information on the Austrian Film Museum's online ticketing here.

Do I still have a free choice of seats?
Unfortunately, we can no longer offer free seating. When you buy a ticket (online or at our box office), you can choose one of the seats that are still available.
What will happen to my tickets if the screening is cancelled due to another lockdown?
If a screening has to be dropped entirely, tickets that have already been paid for can be exchanged for a corresponding ticket for any other screening.