Online Ticketing

Frequently Asked Questions




What are the advantages of registration?
By registering, you can enjoy all the benefits of your membership online, purchase tickets at the reduced admission rate, and purchase and redeem 10-ticket passes. You can also renew your membership or become a new member.
Even if you are not a member of the Film Museum yet, registration makes it possible for you to save and access all your tickets and reservations online under "My Film Museum."
The online management of your newsletter subscriptions can be used with and without membership.
Do I need to be a member to register?
No, all our visitors can enjoy the benefits of online registration. Once you are registered with us, you can purchase your membership online at any time. You will find this option under "My Film Museum." If you prefer to purchase a membership at our box office, please let our staff know that you are already registered with us.


Where can I find my membership number and what do I need it for?
The membership number enables us to unequivocally identify our members and relate activities such as the purchase of a membership and online registration to them. You can find your membership number on the back cover of the program booklet sent to you by mail, on your membership card, or on the payment slip you receive from us at the end of every year. If you have been a member of the Film Museum for a long time, you may still have the old version of the membership card. These cards include three digits (013) before the membership number. Please omit these numbers and try again.

If you run into any problems or cannot find your membership number, our office will be happy to help. You can reach us on weekdays at +43 1 533 70 54 or by e-mail at .

How is registration completed?
The registration is finalized via two-step authentication. After entering your information, you will receive an e-mail with a confirmation link. Clicking the link takes you back to the login page. Your registration is now complete.

I did not receive a confirmation link. What should I do?
Please first check your spam folder. If you do not find an e-mail there, please contact us at

My registration has failed, what can I do?
Please make sure that the data you entered is identical to your personal information as printed on the back cover of the program booklet you received by mail. If there are any spelling mistakes in your name or address in our system, please inform us by emailing .

If your keep running into problems with your data during registration, there may be several reasons for this:

Double membership: Despite all due care, people may have received several membership numbers over the years and thus have multiple entries in our system. In this case, a clear allocation of data is not possible.

Multiple e-mail addresses: If you receive our newsletter, your e-mail address is already in our system. You can still use a different e-mail address to log in. However, in this case, it is necessary to enter your membership number to ensure proper identification.

You are already registered with us: In this case, please use our password recovery function.

Obsolete data: In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we are obliged to delete data after a certain time period. It is therefore possible that your membership number no longer exists.

An already existing account: In this case, an account with your data has already been registered with us. Please use our password recovery function to gain access to your account again.

Whatever problems you might encounter, we will be very happy to personally assist you with the registration process. You can reach us on weekdays at +43 1 533 70 54 or by e-mail at .
How can I change my login data?
You can change your password and/or your e-mail address under "My Film Museum." Please note that this will only change your e-mail address used for login.

How can I delete my registration?
Please contact our office at . We will of course accommodate your request as soon as possible. An existing membership will not be automatically terminated by this deletion.


Do I have to be a member to visit the Austrian Film Museum?
The Austrian Film Museum is a non-profit association. Membership supports our work, allows you to attend our screenings at a greatly discounted ticket price and enables you to purchase a 10-ticket pass. You will also receive the monthly program booklet by mail. As a supporting member, you can enjoy invitations to special events, free admission to screenings on the first day of every new retrospective, a discount on all books, DVDs and posters of the Film Museum, and much more.
However, membership is not mandatory. You can attend all screenings without being a member – at an increased ticket price. Find out more about ticket prices and membership here.
How can I become a member?
You can purchase a membership at our box office as well as online — in the latter case, you need to register online first. After registering, you will have the option of selecting a membership of your choice under "My Film Museum." You can find out more about different types of membership here.

Can I use my membership immediately after payment (reduced admission rate, 10-ticket pass, etc.)?
When you purchase or renew a membership under "My Film Museum" or at the box office, it is activated immediately. However, if you pay via online banking or payment form, please understand that same-day processing is unfortunately not possible.

Can I give a gift membership?
You can buy a gift of membership by purchasing one of our vouchers in the webshop. Due to data protection regulations, membership requires personal consent and therefore cannot be arranged by third parties.
I would like to change my membership type – how can I do that?
You can change your membership type at our box office.
I would like to become a supporting member, but would like to donate more than the required minimum amount. Can I do this online?
Yes! Supporting membership is a tax-deductible donation (find out more here). If you want, you can also choose the donation amount online by adding to the required amount in the provided field. The values will be added up automatically.
I have purchased my membership online. How do I get my membership card?
A membership card is no longer required. It is sufficient to mention your name at our box office.

I would like to cancel the postal delivery of the program booklet to my address.
We will gladly comply with your request. Please contact us at
I would like to cancel my membership.
We are very sorry to lose you as a member of our organization. There is no need for you to take any action. If your membership is not actively renewed after it expires, it will end automatically. Nevertheless, we welcome your suggestions on how we can improve our services at

Tickets & Reservation

How can I buy/reserve tickets online?
You can buy tickets and make reservations online by selecting the respective screening or event in our schedule. Alternatively, you can access all shows via the program description.
What is the maximum number of tickets I can buy?
You can purchase or reserve up to five tickets per screening. There are no limits to the number of shows for which tickets can be reserved or purchased.
Can I purchase tickets for multiple events at the same time?
Of course! In the shopping basket, click on "Add tickets" or select the other events.

My companion is also a member of the Film Museum. How can I buy a discounted ticket for them online?
Purchasing tickets together on two or more memberships is not possible. Each person must register and log in individually to take advantage of membership benefits. With a partner membership, you can always purchase tickets for an accompanying person of your choice as well.

I can't select as many tickets as I would like to.
In this case, the supply of online tickets and reservations has already been exhausted. Please use the option of purchasing tickets online instead of reserving them. If this is no longer possible either, please contact our box office.
My ticket cart is suddenly empty. What happened?
Once you have tickets in your cart, you have 15 minutes to complete your order. After that, the tickets are released from your cart. A timer ensures that all visitors have equal opportunity to buy tickets.

Until when can I buy my tickets online?
Tickets can be purchased or reserved online up to 45 minutes prior to the respective event. After that, tickets will only be available at the box office, subject to availability.
I have selected tickets for reservation and tickets for purchase. How can I complete my order?
Reservation and ticketing are two separate processes. Please complete them one after the other by returning to your ticket cart.
How will I receive my tickets?
Immediately after purchase, you have the option to download your tickets as Print@Home files from the website. In addition, you will also receive the tickets via e-mail. If you have not received an e-mail confirmation, please check your spam folder. As a registered user, you also have the option of retrieving all your purchased or reserved tickets for future screenings under "My Film Museum."
It is not possible to buy or reserve a ticket for the event I would like to attend.
We reserve the right to exclude individual events from online presale or reservation.
Can I get discounted tickets online? For example, can I apply the student discount, Kulturpass card, cooperation discounts, etc.?
No, you need to prove your eligibility to obtain discounted tickets or free tickets.
Why can't I see all my purchased tickets under "My Film Museum"?
Only Print@Home tickets for future events are displayed under "My Film Museum." Tickets purchased at the box office do not appear in the system.
Do I have to print out my ticket that I bought online and bring it with me?
You can show your tickets at the entrance either printed out or on your smartphone.
Please make sure that the QR code is displayed completely and unchanged.
I have a nonstop cinema subscription. How do I get my tickets at the Film Museum?
You can reserve your tickets as usual and do not need to indicate that you have a nonstop membership. You will receive the reserved ticket on the day of the sreening (up to 30 minutes before the start) at our box office. Only here do we need your subscription card. However, if only purchase tickets are available for the event, it is unfortunately not possible to make a reservation via our website.

Seat Selection

Why can't I select a seat when making a reservation?
When you make a reservation, you are not assigned a seat. The seat selection is made only when you purchase the tickets – either at the box office or online.
My preferred seat is not available.
Most likely another guest has already selected the seat in question. We are currently unable to offer certain seat categories online, such as accessible and companion seats.
How can I reserve or purchase an accessible seat?
We want to ensure that accessible seats are reserved for those who need them. Therefore, wheelchair spaces as well as companion seats are not available online. Please reserve your ticket(s) by phone at +43 1 533 70 54 or purchase them directly at the box office.
I need assistance. How can I book a free companion ticket?
Please reserve companion tickets by telephone at +43 1 533 70 54 or contact the box office directly.

10-Ticket Pass

What is a 10-ticket pass?
Members of the Austrian Film Museum can purchase a 10-ticket pass at a particularly favorable price. A maximum of two tickets from a 10-ticket pass can be used online per event. A partner membership is required for this.
A 10-ticket pass can be purchased and used at our box office regardless of an online registration. Here, too, a maximum of two tickets from a 10-ticket pass can be used per event. The membership of both parties or a partner membership is required for this.
How long is my 10-ticket pass valid?
The validity of your 10-ticket pass is linked to your membership. If your membership expires, the remaining tickets in your 10-ticket pass will become available to you again after a membership renewal. With this exception, the 10-ticket pass is not subject to an expiration date.
How does the 10-ticket pass work?
The 10-ticket pass is digital and linked to your membership. When you buy tickets online, it is used automatically. If you do not want to use it, deselect the "10-ticket pass" option in the ticket cart. You will then be charged the member price instead.
How can I find out how many free tickets are still available in my 10-ticket pass?
Once you have registered and the 10-ticket pass has been successfully linked to your membership, you can check the current status of your 10-ticket pass online at any time. Our box office staff will also be happy to inform you about the status of your remaining tickets.
I have an old cardboard 10-ticket pass. Can I also use it online?
Unfortunately not. The physical version of the 10-ticket pass is naturally still accepted, but can only be redeemed on site at our box office.
I have a digital 10-ticket pass, but I can't use it online.
The validity of your 10-ticket pass is linked to your membership. If your membership has expired, you will be able to see the remaining tickets in your 10-ticket pass under "My Film Museum," but you will not be able to redeem them. Once you have renewed your membership, these tickets will become available to you once again.


What payment methods do you accept?
We accept credit card payments and EPS online transfer.
My order failed during payment. What happened?
In accordance with the GDPR, neither account or card information nor the grounds why your card was declined are transmitted to us on the part of the payment provider. Therefore, unless a technical issue caused the order to fail, we normally cannot provide any information about it. Please contact your bank.
Where can I find my invoice?
Your ticket serves as an invoice.
Can I redeem vouchers online?
Yes. You can redeem your voucher by using the code when you check out.
I used a voucher code but can't finalize the purchase.
The total value in your ticket cart must be more than zero. Please choose a product that matches the value of your voucher.
If you have a ten-ticket package, please check that it is not activated. Otherwise the ticket cart might be under zero.