Peep Show #5

Sixty Years of Film Museum Through the Lens of Our Guests

On display since March 12, 2024
For sixty years, the Austrian Film Museum has consistently invited people to present their film works, provide commentary, and talk to our enthusiastic audiences. During the retrospectives and series dedicated to them, our guests have recorded their personal impressions and memories of their visits and encounters at the Film Museum in our guestbooks.
It was no easy task to choose from the over 250 entries, dedications, and comments, which all testify to intense, productive, and joyful moments that were and will remain possible on the "precious (planet?) world of cinema" (Claire Denis).

In April 1988, Jeanne Moreau wrote in the Film Museum's guestbook: "I wish you a long life. World cinema needs it." Thirty-five years later, in March 2023, Elfi Mikesch confirmed this: "Cinema lives wonderfully here + now and tomorrow and the next day." In our 60th year, our care (in the original Latin sense of "curare" – "to attend to oneself") for the past still counts – our growth in the present still counts – our heart is still focused on the creation of a possible (better!) future.
Dor Film, Ruth Ehrmann, Eszter Kondor, Norbert Kössler, Mathias Krumbholz, Friedl Kubelka, Sabine Maierhofer, Sissi Makovec, Alexander Tuma, Klaus Vyhnalek Translation: Ted Fendt, Michael Loebenstein, Manuela Schwärzler, Alessandra Thiele, Tom Waibel, Apichatpong Weerasethakul und Barbara Wurm Graphics: Gabi Adébisi-Schuster Scans: Christoph Etzlsdorfer Idea: Elisabeth Streit Concept, editing, and design: Tom Waibel

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Guckkasten #5 (Foto: ÖFM © Eszter Kondor)
Guckkasten #5 (Foto: ÖFM © Eszter Kondor)

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In the course of the renovation of the premises of the Film Museum in the Albertina building in summer 2020, a small exhibition space was created that now makes it possible for us to present special topics in a new form.

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