Cinemas have been addressing the topic of sustainability for some time. Motivated among other things by initiatives from our colleagues at Gartenbaukino and the Diagonale and Vienna Shorts festivals, we have also taken steps towards sustainability.
Like museums, archives, and libraries, cinemas see themselves as bridges between past and present – with a view towards the future.
Sustainability is All of Our Business!
We have already implemented initial measures to make our operations more environmentally friendly. We still have a lot to do. Sustainability also means raising awareness about long-term, resource-saving, environmentally friendly behavior. This does not only mean preserving nature, but also balancing environmental, economic, and social goals. We are currently working with a list of criteria that supports a plan of action for achieving an "Ecolabel for cinemas/museums." We hope to receive this seal of quality in 2022.
What We Have Already Implemented
Since 2021, we have programed the series "Collection on Screen," where we show films from our own collection, eliminating among other things the lending out of prints and the often resulting (overseas) transportation.
When we invite guests to our events, we try to favor train travel.
With our online ticketing system, it is no longer necessary to print out tickets – saving paper and reducing waste.
In collaboration with "Wörkerei," a collaborative project of Caritas Wien and Volkshilfe Wien, we have already released two editions of bags – SHOPPING QUEENS and MINI BAGS. In the spirit of sustainability, the bags are handmade from the canvas of used Film Museum posters. Our classic t-shirts are made from organic cotton and are also handmade at a screen-printing facility in Vienna.
With small measures, we have already reduced CO2 consumption within our screening room, the "Invisible Cinema." We also use almost exclusively 100% LED lightbulbs that are primarily controlled by motion sensors. Our power comes exclusively from renewable energy sources. Furthermore, our cleaning products are made from environmentally friendly substances.
Our cinema has 163 seats and 2 wheelchair spaces, is handicap accessible, and has devices for hearing assistance. Entrance is free for escorts of people with special needs.
The Film Museum is part of the "Hunger auf Kunst und Kultur" initiative, which focuses on the meaning and accessibility of art and culture for everyone. Anyone who has a culture pass distributed as part of this initiative receives free tickets for the Film Museum's events.
The Film Museum would also like to urge all visitors to use public transportation. Its central location makes this very easy with the Wiener Linien. More information about public transportation options is available here.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our sustainability representative Sabine Maierhofer:


April 2022

He Stands in a Desert Counting the Seconds of His Life, 1964–85, Jonas Mekas