Since 1964, the Austrian Film Museum has dedicated itself to the collection, preservation, research, and communication of the medium of film in all its aspects. Most prominently, this includes the public presentation of film as an art form, cultural technique, and historical document in our "Invisible Cinema" in the Albertina building. 
At the Film Museum, films are shown in their original format and on the best possible film prints available worldwide (35mm or 16mm). Works that were originally produced or presented on video or digitally are shown in the same format. In rare cases, works produced on film are presented digitally. This is done for curatorial or conservation reasons and is specifically stated.
Films are shown in their original language version and subtitled if necessary. For our international guests, screenings in English are specially indicated.
At the time being, we are not able to present our programs at the "Invisible Cinema" as originally planned.
We are working on ways to share them with you at a later date.
In the meantime, we would like to recommend some of our online resources and our publications.



The Coronavirus pandemic poses new challenges in all areas of life. Here at the Film Museum we have been considering how to deal with the uncertain situation in the cultural sector in a sensible way. Our program booklet was printed in the second lockdown, in complete uncertainty as to when films can be shown in the "Invisible Cinema" again. On this occasion, not only are we reacting to the crisis with our programming (the series Who Laughs Last...), but also with the way we've chosen to announce it: in place of the usual program booklet, we present our first "Corona special edition."

The new booklet contains all the screenings we have planned for Winter 2020/21 – however, this time round, the screening dates will be fixed as soon as it is clear that (and when) we can reopen our cinema. Our winter schedule will then be published online. If time permits, we will also provide you with a printed schedule.
At the moment, there is no way of guaranteeing that all the announced films can be shown.