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Lizzie Borden

December 2017

December 16, 2017 / To Everyone at the Film Museum, / you are STARS! / I loved every moment of my time here. / Thank you for inviting me to show / Born in Flames, Regrouping & Working Girls, / the audience were so welcoming / and you were such amazing hosts. / With love, always, / Lizzie Borden

Catherine Breillat

January 2020

Je penserai à tous / long temps long temps / long temps ... infiniment / Vienne  18/2/2020 / CBreillat / Merci!
I'll think of you all a long, long, long time ... endlessly. Vienna 18/2/2020 CBreillat / Thanks!

Claire Denis

May 2005

As usual I feel like too emotional, / too aware of details, having absolutely / no theories in general. I am a floating / person wishing so much to be a solid / thinking tank but the thing I know / is that you offered me an amazing / sense of bringing to that precious / (planet?) world of cinema in a real / cinémathèque. Thank you for every / single moment and the book ... / Yours Claire Denis


May 2007



Michael Glawogger

September 2010

Schönheit ist der Glanz der Wahrheit. / 24.9.2010 / Michael Glawogger

Beauty is the luster of the world. / 24.9.2010 / Michael Glawogger

Mahamat-Saleh Haroun

November 2006

I came here with a lot of clichés / and I am happy to discover this place / Film Museum. I spent a very nice moment / in this place of resistance to defend / a certain idea of cinema. / Sure, I feel, now, less isolated. / Thank you so much. / M.S. Haroun (Tchad)

Sergio Leone

March 1987

All Oesterreichisches Filmmuseum / che rappresenta e difende / con "amore" il cinema / con grande gratitudine / 27/3/87 Sergio Leone
To the Austrian Film Museum, which represents and defends cinema with "love." With much gratitude, 27/3/87 Sergio Leone

Laura Mulvey

January 2008

With many thanks to the Film / Museum for negotiating my / presence in Vienna with / the Freud Museum – bringing / Hitchcock & Freud together! / 24.1.08

Helga Reidemeister

October 2016

Sehr ermutigt, unterstützt und / motiviert zum Weiterfilmen, fühle / ich mich durch das beeindruckende / Engagement und die Anteilnahme / des Wiener Film-Museums mit seinen / so herzlich-freundlichen Mitarbei- / tern. Es hat Freude gemacht hier / zu sein! Herzlichen Dank allen. / Helga Reidemeister / im Oktober 2016

feel very encouraged, supported, and motivated to keep filming thanks to the impressive engagement and participation of the Viennese Film Museum with its warm, friendly staff. It was a joy to be here! Warmest thanks to you all. Helga Reidemeister in October 2016

Martin Scorsese

November 1995

Thanks for the wonderful / presentation of my film – / 11/24/95 / Ma. Scorsese

Hito Steyerl

December 2023

Ich freu mich / wahnsinnig, / hier zu sein / vlg / Hito

I'm incredibly happy to be here. / All my best, Hito

Jean-Louis Trintignant

June 2017

Wunderbar! / C’est le seul mot autrichien / que je connaisse. / Il est le seul mot dont / j'ai eu à me servir ici. / Merci à vous tous / Merci / Jean Louis Trintignant
Wunderbar! That's the only Austrian word that I know. It's the only word I had to use here. Thanks to all of you. Thanks.

Agnès Varda & Rosalie Varda-Demy

October 2006.

Merci à Alex H. et à / l'équipe du Filmmuseum de / Vienne d'avoir organisé / cette double rétrospective / Demy-Varda / de façon ex[c]eptionelle, j'aim / été accompagnée par nos enfants / qui ont présenté les films de / leur père ... et moi les miens. / Merci encore / Agnès V.

C'était un plaisir: les salles / pleines de spectateurs pour / voir les film de Jacques... merci... Alex / Rosalie Varda / Oct. 06

Thanks to Alex H. and the team of the Film Museum in Vienna for organizing this double retrospective Demy-Varda. For once, I was joined by one of our children who presented the films of their father... and I presented mine. Thanks again, Agnès V.
It was a treat: the theater full of spectators to see Jacques' films ... thanks ... Alex, Rosalie Varda. Oct. 06

Apichatpong Weerasethakul

November 2006

November 23, 2006. I hope to return here again. It is a vital location for the cinema. Cinema makes life come to life. Preserve films; preserve souls. This place reminds me to keep breathing in the midst of a difficult situation. Thank you. Apichatpong Weerasethakul - Joei