Meshes of the Afternoon, 1943, Maya  Deren

Female Subversion Is Here to Stay

Meshes of the Afternoon A film by Maya Deren; Cinematography: Alexander Hammid. US, 1943, 16mm, b/w, 14 min
Ritual in Transfigured Time Directed by, Screenplay: Maya Deren; Cinematography: Hella Heyman; Editing: Alexander Hammid, Maya Deren; with: Rita Christiani, Maya Deren, Anaïs Nin, Frank Westbrook. US, 1945/46, 16mm, b/w, 14 min
Do we need to have an accident? Sabine Marte. AT, 2011, DCP, Farbe, 4 min
You Come Music: Pendler; Video: Oliver Stotz. AT, 2007, 4 min
Step behind the ropes, please! nr. 2
Live performance by Sabine Marte. 15 min
XXX DO Dog Performance: Sabine Marte, Denise Palmieri, Anat Stainberg, Music: Good enough for you, 2015, 6 min
Unternehmen Arschmaschine Directed by, Screenplay: Mara Mattuschka, Gabriele Szekatsch; Cinematography: Alexandra Brandt. AT, 1997, 16mm, b/w, 17 min
Comeback A film by and with Mara Mattuschka. AT, 2005, DCP, b/w, 15 min

In February 1946, Maya Deren rented a Cinema in Greenwich Village to show three of her films. This screening inspired Amos Vogel to establish his film club Cinema 16. This Amos Vogel Atlas juxtaposes Deren's avant-garde classics with films by Sabine Marte and Mara Mattuschka. They all examine female subversion in the way that the body, the psyche, movement, and the grotesque are constantly reexamined and transformed in front of the camera. (E.S.)

With Sabine Marte in attendance

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