Relic Traveller Series: Relic 0, 2017, Larry Achiampong

Programm 1

Relic Traveller Series: Relic 0 Larry Achiampong. GB, 2017, DCP, Farbe, 11 min. Englisch
The Island (A Ilha) Mónica de Miranda
Drehbuch: Mónica de Miranda, Yara Nakahanda Monteiro; Kamera: Rui Sérgio Afonso; Schnitt: Miguel Tavares; Musik: Felipe Ridolfi; Darsteller*innen: Anilson Eugénio, Isabél Zuua, Mauro Hermínio, Nádia Yracema, Yara Milengo, L. G. C. Maseko, Copper Ray. GB/PT, 2022, DCP, Farbe, 38 min. Portugiesisch mit engl. UT
Relic Traveller Series: Relic 1 Larry Achiampong. GB, 2017, DCP, Farbe, 15 min. Englisch
In parts 0 and 1 of his Relic Traveller Series (2017), Larry Achiampong's Relic Traveller leads us calmly and firmly through scree fields and grasslands. Filled with atmospheric sound and off-screen narration that reflects on imagination and history, as well as what they exclude, the film bears witness to the violent relationships that haunt the here and now. Elsewhere, Monica de Miranda examines relationships between African liberation and migration movements in The Island (A Ilha) (2022). The symbol of the island as a utopian space of isolation, escape, and a protective hiding place, as well as the Earth as a storehouse of time and memory, open up a seeking, wandering exploration of the conditions of African diasporic life. (B.K.-K.)
Introduced by Belinda Kazeem-Kamiński

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