National Anarchist: Lino Brocka, 2023, Khavn

National Anarchist: Lino Brocka

Khavn, PH 2023
Screenplay: Khavn, Lino Brocka; Cinematography: Conrado Baltazar u.a.; Editing: Francis Furan Guillermo; Music: The Brockas, Max Jocson and others; Cast: Bembol Roco, Hilda Koronel, Carmi Martin, Nora Aunor, Christopher De Leon, Mario O'Hara, Lolita Rodriguez. DCP, color, 70 min. Tagalog with English subtitles

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Kontra Madiaga Khavn; Screenplay: Carl Javier; Cinematography: Albert Banzon; Editing: Lawrence S. Ang; Cast: Bembol Roco. PH, 2008, DCP, color, 1 min. Tagalog with English subtitles
Ligaya Paraiso Khavn, Ditte Maria Bjerg; Cinematography: Albert Banzon; Editing: Lawrence S. Ang. PH, 2008, DCP, color, 6 min. English 
Lino Brocka (1939-1991) is arguably the most important filmmaker from the Philippines, respected both at home and abroad for such seventies classics of "world cinema" as Weighed but Found Wanting, Manila in the Claws of Light, and Insiang. Khavn's tribute to this unsung artist, widely considered a national hero today, perfectly captures the wild, subversive spirit of Brocka – it compiles decaying images from Brocka's film into a cinematic maelstrom worthy of its inspiration. Khavn: "Put all Brocka films into a cement mixer. Let the dead man speak in intertitles. What if Brocka was into Brakhage, Frampton, Anger? Did Brocka really die from a car accident? Or was he murdered by a Marcos' ally?" (J.M.)

With Khavn in attendance

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