Program July 2024

(July 2 to 28, 2024)

July 3 to 9, 2024

This Is Not a Khavn Retrospective

Films and Cine-concert by Khavn

Filipino filmmaker, poet, writer, activist, and musician Khavn shocked the international film festival community at the turn of the century with images of his native country that were unlike anything seen before, instantly transforming himself into a cult. Khavn's  quickly growing cinematic body of work is a project similar to the project undertaken by his compatriot Lav Diaz at about the same time – a comprehensive project to truthfully depict (and consequently critique) both the past and the present of their island society, complicated by centuries of colonization, imperialist violence, and domestic dictatorships.
With Khavn in attendance on July 3 and 4, 2024 [...]
July 2 and 27, 2024

Rose Valland and Nazi-confiscated Art

The Train by John Frankenheimer

Together with the Institut français d'Autriche, we will screen John Frankenheimer's exciting thriller about art looted by the Nazis, The Train (1964), inspired by an episode in the life of Rose Valland (1898-1980). [...]
July 10 to 26, 2024

Collection on Screen

Classics from the Film Museum's Collection from 1964-2024

Our summer Collection on Screen is focusing on a small selection of seldom screened canonical titles produced every ten years after the founding of the Film Museum in hopes of conveying at least a glimmer of a journey that cinema – and everything that it reflects – has undergone since 1964. [...]
July 12 to 28, 2024

ImPulsTanz Presents

Dance Films and Music Videos

It is by now a beautiful tradition that ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival presents filmic examples of artistic sectors at the Film Museum. This year, the program put together by ImPulsTanz offers special glimpses into the scope of contemporary choreography and how it plays with the camera, from the latest music videos to filmic adaptations of site-specific works and portraits of major artists. [...]