brouillard #19, 2015/17, Alexandre Larose

In Person:

Alexandre Larose

June 2 and 4, 2017
Class of 1978: With Canadian Alexandre Larose and Japanese Makino Takashi, the Film Museum presents two young greats of international avant-garde cinema for the first time in Austria, with a program devoted to each in the framework of VIS Vienna Shorts.

The works of Alexandre Larose amount to a contemporary "cinema of attractions". They are a continuous attempt at describing (and making palpable) the overlapping meshes of film, memory, and the way we experience dreams and space. The brouillard series, which Larose has been developing since 2009, perfectly embodies this principle: the same path leading from the parental house to a lake is layered dozens of times, causing space and time to congeal into a dense, tangible and, at the same time, ghostly substance on the filmstrip. The somnambulistic, psychedelic impression given by many of his films springs from the specific double character of cinema: as a "machine" of fiction and imagination as well as a literal machine, a product of the art of engineering. The latter allows for highly individual technical interventions such as, for example, the construction of a camera rocket or the development of color processing, which turn the world into an amorphous film grain gelatin. Entirely without CGI effects and working close to the properties of the analog medium, Larose creates impossible images that nevertheless have their source in reality.

A collaboration of the Film Museum and the VIS Vienna Shorts Festival. Alexandre Larose will give insight into his work process in a masterclass.
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