Klaus Wildenhahn

Klaus Wildenhahn
On Documentary Film

March 24 to 28, 2004


Five readings and selected films from 1930 to 1997

German filmmaker Klaus Wildenhahn is one of the most influential representatives of modern documentary cinema. His oeuvre in the tradition of a „direct cinema“ numbers 42 works to date and has left a lasting impression on several generations of European filmmakers. His work also includes writing and teaching on documentary film.


The five-day Wildenhahn programme is conceived to show the artist’s "multiple identities". In addition to presenting two of his own works, Klaus Wildenhahn will take the audience on a reflective excursion through film history, and in the process set forth a poetics of documentary. Under the heading "The Body of the Author", Wildenhahn's writings and readings will be interlaced with 15 films of his choice: works by Jean Rouch, Humphrey Jennings, Richard Leacock, Georges Franju, Henri Storck, and many others.

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