Mann im Schatten

Der Filmemacher Edgar G. Ulmer
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From Olmütz to Hollywood, from Max Reinhardt to Martin Scorsese. Very close to "making it big", yet mostly remaining in the dark. The first biography on Edgar G. Ulmer, one of the most influential "hidden" directors in the history of film. Stefan Grissemann's book illuminates both the adventurous life of the emigree Ulmer, his manifold attempts at self-invention and his B-movie career which has left us lasting masterpieces such as The Black Cat, Detour or The Naked Dawn.


Stefan Grissemann

Mann im Schatten. Der Filmemacher Edgar G. Ulmer

KINO Series, Vol. 1

Zsolnay-Verlag, Wien 2003. 394 pages, with numerous illustrations and a complete filmography
In German

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