Visitor Guidelines

We are pleased by your interest in the Austrian Film Museum and wish you a pleasant stay. These guidelines are intended to create a calm and disturbance-free atmosphere during your visit, to protect the building from damages, and to enhance overall security. In entering the Austrian Film Museum, visitors accept the following guidelines.
  1. Visitors of the Film Museum are obligated to abide by these guidelines.
  2. Instructions from box office and theater staff must be obeyed. Visitors who do not abide by these guidelines may be banned from further visits. In such cases, tickets will not be refunded.
  3. Business hours and ticket prices can be found at the box office. The purchase of a ticket allows for one visit to one screening. Tickets must be shown when entering the theater and at the request of theater staff.
  4. Tickets cannot be refunded after a screening has begun unless there is a convincing reason (such as the interruption of a screening due to technical reasons for which the Austrian Film Museum is responsible).
  5. Box office and theater staff reserve the right to admit visitors after a screening has begun.
  6. Private individuals are prohibited from reselling tickets.
  7. We expect every visitor to respect all other audience members. This includes avoiding unnecessary noises, especially talking, during screenings.
  8. Museum spaces are to be kept clean.
  9. Smoking is prohibited everywhere within the Film Museum.
  10. Smoking, eating and drinking (except from re-closable bottles) as well as the use of cell phones and other electronic devices are not permitted in the theater. Bright displays also disturb screenings!
  11. In accordance with fire safety regulations, it is prohibited to sit on the theater steps.
  12. Umbrellas, raincoats, backpacks, large bags, etc. may not be stored on the theater steps, or to the side or below the screen.
  13. With the exception of seeing eye dogs, animals may not be brought into the theater.
  14. Bikes, scooters or similar means of transportation are not permitted in the Film Museum.
  15. Visitors grant the Film Museum the right to use their image in photos as well as film and video recordings made during public events and published for non-commercial purposes.
  16. It is prohibited to film or take photos in the theater during screenings.
  17. Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult.
  18. Anyone who enters the Film Museum under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other substances will be expelled from the premises. In such cases, tickets will not be refunded.
  19. The Film Museum is not responsible for the loss, theft or damage of articles of value, clothing and other objects brought into the theater. Lost objects will be brought to the box office (valuable objects will be brought to our offices). After four weeks, unclaimed objects will be disposed of.
Vienna, March 2023