In person: John Berry

Recording Date: (October 20, 1998)
Original Format: Betacam SP

American director John Berry (*1917; †1999) accompanied his former daughter-in-law Anna Karina to Vienna when the latter was a guest of the Film Museum and the Viennale in October 1998. For many years, Berry had been living and working in exile in France, having fallen victim to the anti-Communist witch-hunts of the 1950s. His visit to Vienna just one year before his death paved the way for the major "Blacklisted" retrospective two years later. In this brief extract from a lengthy video interview, the acclaimed director reminisces about his early experience as an actor with Orson Welles' burgeoning Mercury Theatre company in the late 1930s.


Courtesy of the Viennale - Vienna International Film Festival & ZONE Media GmbH