"Das Unsichtbare Kino 3" © Bruno Klomfar

Guided Tours

Our exhibitions take place on the screen.
Our exhibits are the films themselves.
Our exhibition space is the "Invisible Cinema".

The Film Museum exhibits film in a specific museum space: the "Invisible Cinema". Our guided tours take place in this same space. In presentations which last from 45 to 90 minutes we explain to interested persons, groups and school classes why the Film Museum is a museum, why our cinema is an "invisible cinema", what is shown, collected and archived, as well as what can be studied in the Film Museum, and how cinema functions in general.
Tour Pricing

Up to 20 persons: a flat rate of EUR 50,00
For more than 20 persons: EUR 2,50 per person
Tour Registration
Tours can only be arranged by special request. Tours can be conducted between Monday and Wednesday between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Stefan Huber

+43 1 533 70 54 Ext 13


Special Screenings

Our auditorium can also be rented for special screenings in the framework of external courses, or in combination with guided tours.


Marcus Weber-Eberhardt

+43 1 533 70 54 Ext 29