In person: Serik Aprymov

Recording Date: (October 22, 2001)
Original Format: Betacam SP

In October 2001, during the retrospective titled "From the Heart of the World," Kazakh filmmakers Serik Aprymov (*1960) and Rašid Nugmanov (*1954) took part together with Turkmen director Chodžakuli Narliev (*1937) in a panel discussion on Central Asian cinema. As part of the group of talented young filmmakers collectively labelled the "Kazakh New Wave," Aprymov and Nugmanov helped to bring Kazakh cinema to the rest of the world's attention at the end of the 1980s. In this extract, a cynical Aprymov sums up the then-current "problems" in both his work and private life. (In Russian & German)


Courtesy of the Viennale Vienna International Film Festival & ZONE Media GmbH