In person: Jean-Louis Trintignant

Recording Date: (June 03, 2017)
Original Format: HD Video
At the invitation of Michael Haneke and the Vienna Film Academy on the occasion of its 65th anniversary, Jean-Louis Trintignant also honored the Austrian Film Museum with a visit on June 3, 2017. From Trintignant's 60-year career as an actor for the screen and the stage, including numerous iconic turns in all genres of cinema, the Film Museum singled out two prominent moments: his part in Michael Haneke's Amour and his role as an unscrupulous opportunist in Bernardo Bertolucci's Il conformista (1970). In these excerpts the great European actor talks about the character based on Alberto Moravia's novel, the atmosphere among filmmakers in Italy at that time and why he refused Bertolucci's offer to play the lead in Last Tango in Paris.