Skizze | Episode | Szene

John Cook's "Slow Summer" revisited

Germany 2008
Realisation: Michael Baute, Volker Pantenburg, Stefan Pethke
Commissioning Editor: Michael Loebenstein
Narrated by: Kellie Rife, Natascha Unkart (English version)
Original format: Video, black/white
Runtime: 12 min
John Cook's film Langsamer Sommer combines documentary glimpses of the everyday, narrative sketches and filmic reflection. Skizze | Episode | Szene is an investigation into the interconnection of these elements, the film's constantly shifting form, as well as its construction of space, narration, and characters. The Video Essay was produced in cooperation with the project Kunst der Vermittlung and was first published on the Double DVD of John Cook's Langsamer Sommer (Slow Summer, 1974-76), Schwitzkasten (Clinch, 1978) and Ich schaff’s einfach nimmer (I Just Can't Go On, 1972-73).

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