TREMOR – Es ist immer Krieg, 2017, Annik Leroy

TREMOR – Es ist immer Krieg (TREMOR – There Is Always War)

A film by Annik Leroy; Cinematography, Editing: Julie Morel, Annik Leroy. BE, 2017, DCP (from 16mm), bw, 92 min. Multiple languages with English subtitles

Preceded by:
Cellule 719 (Zelle 719) A film by Annik Leroy. BE, 2006, DCP, color, 15 min. English

More than in any of Annik Leroy's earlier films, in Tremor the movements of history are likened to those of the Earth, as volcanic landscapes from Iceland to Italy are drawn together with the Augarten flak towers and now-abandoned psychiatric institutions. But the real driving force behind the film are "the voices of poets and madmen" (Leroy), recounting their experiences of countless forms of violence and confinement. The subtitle – Es ist immer Krieg – stems from Ingeborg Bachmann's Malina, and it is this feeling that becomes palpable as passages from the novel encounter recordings of Pasolini, Freud, Moravia: a kind of underlying oppression that knows no boundaries. Haunted images such as those of Fernando Nannetti's enormous graffiti carved in the walls of the psychiatric hospital in Volterra, where he was confined for a number of years, meet a black screen while we listen to a narrative recalling the crowds greeting Hitler in Vienna. Violence and war have many forms, but none of them leave us without a tremor. (I.M.)

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