...Remote...Remote..., 1973, VALIE EXPORT (Kadervergrößerung ÖFM)

What Is Film:

Program 31-34

Works by Carl Theodor Dreyer, VALIE EXPORT, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Kurt Kren, Pat O’Neill, Ernst Schmidt jr., Hans-Christof & Rosemarie Stenzel, Peter Tscherkassky


Each Tuesday
Peter Kubelka's Cyclical Program What is Film was created in 1996 on the occasion of the centenary of cinema. In 63 programs of outstanding works, this series defines film as an independent art form, as a tool which cultivates new ways of thinking. 
Peter Kubelka's Cycle is shown each Tuesday. Reduced tickets (3,00 €) are available for students with a valid membership.
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