Abenteuer Alltag

Zur Archäologie des Amateurfilms
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During the past decade, the international study of non-theatrical cinematic forms has seen a strong expansion - with amateur film as a central area of research. Changing collection policies in film archives and museums and new forms of digital access are not the only reasons for this interest. However, the major impulse to current debates comes from contributions based on an analysis of archival holdings.


Abenteuer Alltag. Zur Archäologie des Amateurfilms is the first German-language publication to give an overview of amateur film research in Europe, presenting essays on topics such as the politics and history, the technology and aesthetics, as well as the bodies and spaces of amateur film. In addition, several European and American film archives provide information about their collection strategies.


Abenteuer Alltag. Zur Archäologie des Amateurfilms
Edited by Siegfried Mattl, Carina Lesky, Vrääth Öhner, Ingo Zechner
FilmmuseumSynemaPublikationen Vol. 25
n 2015, 272 pages. In German 
ISBN 978-3-901644-63-4
Table of Contents - Amateurfilm (PDF)
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