Fr, 31. Juli 2015

Amos Vogel Library

Ende Juli waren Steven und Jane Vogel zu Besuch in Wien, um sich einen ersten Eindruck von der Aufstellung und Erfassung der Bibliothek von Stevens Vater zu verschaffen.


Steven Vogel: "After my father's death, the Vienna Film Museum purchased his entire library and arranged to transport it back to this city in which he spent the first 17 years of his life until the Nazis and their Viennese supporters cruelly forced him and his family into exile. Their return meant, for the younger generation at the Film Museum and for me and my brother too, perhaps a kind of reconciliation, at least a partial one, despite the impossibility of ever forgetting what had happened, what catastrophes of history (and personal catastrophes too) led to that particular set of books coming together in a collection in New York. Yesterday I was taken to see the books, which are in the process of being cataloged. So strange to see them in this foreign place – and yet so sweet: those books were such a part of my childhood and youth. I know every one, the look of the spine, the smell, the place it was on the shelf. Even here, far away in place and time, they're like old friends – like a long lost family. How strange the story of a life is: his, mine, everyone's."


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