Kopienkontrolle Archiv Heiligenstadt

Film Print Inspection

In order to ensure an appropriately handled exchange and loan of film copies between various film museums, film copies are comprehensively examined and appraised before and after their screening at the Austrian Film Museum.

The current state of the film copy is first documented in a detailed report, making note of the physical state of the film and existing defects. During the preparation of film reels, great care is taken to achieve optimal conditions for a smooth projection. If necessary, splices are redone, perforations repaired, and stains removed to minimize projector wear.

Great importance is attached to keeping to the correct frame rate as well as image and audio formats in their original quality in order to make it possible for the audience to experience the film in its originally intended form.

The basic aim of this workflow is the establishment of a (precarious) balance. Film comes to life only when it is projected. At the same time, a projection entails a certain, even if minimal wear of the film copy involved. It is therefore the duty of a film museum to confidently face this fundamental contradiction – ensuring the longevity of film copies while seeing to their best possible presentation.