Film Sponsorship Project

Our film sponsorship project is a long-term feature of our efforts to prevent analog film from disappearing and to maintain fundamental milestones from film history in their original formats in Austria. We invite cinephiles – be they individuals, groups or companies – to support the acquisition and long-term preservation of film prints. This allows the Austrian Film Museum to expand its collection to include essential works and present them in its programs.

Katalog "50 Jahre Filmpatenschaft – 50 Filme" (Cover)
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50 Years of Film Preservation – 50 New Acquisitions

In 2014, on the occasion of its 50th anniversary, the Film Museum launched a special sponsorship project, 50 Years of Film Preservation – 50 New Acquisitions. The goal was to acquire or restore films representing entire scope of the medium – from classic feature films to avant-garde shorts, from early cinema to outstanding examples of contemporary cinema. This was only be possible with the support of the Austrian film community and everyone concerned with passing down important films to future generations. To our great joy, 42 works found sponsors during the project's first year alone and we would like to take the opportunity here to express our deepest gratitude towards them.


Sponsors finance the purchase or restoration of a specific work and, unless they want to remain anonymous, are credited at every screening of the film print acquired with their support – in the program, on the website and at the screening itself. Their names remain connected to the film print as long as it exists.
Necessary support ranges from 500 to 15,000 euros for a single film – this encompasses the purchase of a short film or a pre-existing film print as well as complex restoration projects.
All sponsorships and supporting contributions to the Film Museum are tax deductible in Austria.
If you are interested in becoming a film sponsor, you can still find unsponsored works in the list of our anniversary sponsorship project or contact us to learn more about our current projects and plans.


Alessandra Thiele

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