Schlemmer Filmkadersammlung

Special Collections

The Film Museum published visual/textual databases on two of its Special Collections: The Dziga Vertov Collection and the Schlemmer Frame Collection. These databases offer visual representation and commentary on the contents of these collections and are meant as research tools for the international study of Vertov and the Soviet avant-garde as well Early Cinema and the area of "lost films".


Austrian filmmaker Michael Haneke continues to donate a major paper collection (scripts, notes, photographs, correspondence, clipping files etc. relating to his work) to the Film Museum since 2003.


Regarding the non-film collections of the Filmmuseum, an important acquisition took place in 2009: With support from the Ministry of Culture, the vast collection of film historian and critic Goswin Dörfler could be purchased. The contents cover film literature, photographs, autographs, posters and a well-structured archive of documents. Goswin Dörfler had acquired these materials between the late 1940s and 2008, the year of his death.

Another important non-film acquisition was donated to the Filmmuseum by the government of Liechtenstein: The large paper and film stills collection of Edwin Marock includes a special focus on censorship materials since 1950.


Thanks to the support of the Ministry of Culture, the Film Museum was able to acquire Amos Vogel's private library and a part of his audio recordings and early German-language writings in 2012.

Paolo Caneppele, Non-Film Collections Manager

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