Privacy Policy of the Austrian Film Museum

1. Data Controller
Austrian Film Museum
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The Austrian Film Museum is committed to the protection and security of your personal data. The Austrian and EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) governs the manner in which the Film Museum collects, processes, and uses personal data. Your use of the website as described below constitutes your agreement to the terms of this privacy policy.
The current version of the GDPR can be found at:
The following information explains what data is collected when you visit the website and how it is used.

2. Personal Data (Collected Data)
When you visit our website, we collect technically necessary personal data (names of accessed files, time and date of retrieval, volume of transmitted data, type and version of the web browser used, the user's operating system, referrer URL, and IP address of the requesting computer). We cannot connect this data to specific persons and it is not combined with data from other sources.
3. Data Removal
When a specific contract with you has been fulfilled and there is no longer a legal obligation to save the data, we will delete it. Data is deleted after seven years pursuant to Section 132 of the Austrian Federal Tax Code (BAO).
A further basis to store personal data is the legal obligation to maintain records and fulfill contractual engagements (for example, towards clients for warranties or damages or towards contractual partners) See GDPR, Article 6, Section 1(c) – "Lawfulness of processing."

4. Use of Cookies
Our website uses cookies. Cookies are small data files or other types of saved information that are transmitted from our web server or third-party web servers to the user's web browser and saved there for later use. The cookies we use are deleted from your hard drive after closing the browser (session cookies). The collection of this data is based on Section 96, Paragraph 3 of the Austrian Telecommunications Law (TKG). We also use cookies for the statistical analysis of users on our website as part of Google Analytics (see below). This data is collected pursuant to GDPR, Article 6, Paragraph 1(f).

In compliance with GDPR, Article 6, Paragraph 1(a), if you have previously consented, third-party cookies will be used to track and evaluate your activity when you visit our website. Consenting to the use of cookies is managed via a pop-up window that briefly explains how cookies will be used and allows you to agree to their use. If you remain on the website without actively agreeing to the cookie provisions, we will consider this to mean that you have agreed to the use of cookies and allow them to be saved.

  1. Restrictions without Cookies
We use cookies to make our website more user-friendly. Some cookies remain saved on your device until you delete them. They allow us to recognize your browser the next time you visit our website. You can avoid this by adjusting your browser's cookie settings so that they are only allowed in individual cases.
Deactivating cookies may restrict certain functions on our website.
5. Newsletter
By subscribing and consenting to our newsletter (GDPR, Article 6, Paragraph 1(a)), you allow us to store your name and email address. Your email address will be saved until you unsubscribe or revoke your consent. You can revoke your consent at any time and unsubscribe from the newsletter by sending an email to , clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the newsletter, or informing us in some other manner.
The newsletter is sent via MailChimp, a platform of the US web design agency Rocket Science Group, LLC, 675 Ponce De Leon Ave. NE #5000, Atlanta, GA 30308, USA.
The email addresses of newsletter subscribers and further related data are stored on MailChimp's servers in the US. MailChimp uses this data to send and analyze the newsletter for us. MailChimp may also use your data to optimize or improve its own services, including sending and designing the newsletter as well as for commercial purposes to determine which countries subscribers come from. MailChimp does not use data of newsletter subscribers to contact to them itself or share the data with third parties.
6. Social Plugins
Our website uses plugins by several social media services (,,,, and They are identifiable by social media buttons on the website.
When visiting a website with these buttons, the browser is automatically in contact with the servers of the social media services. The social media services receive different data and learn which specific webpages the user is visiting. As the website's host, we do not influence the data that is shared with social media services. This data is shared independently of the user clicking on the social media buttons.

If the user is simultaneously logged into Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, Twitter, Vimoe, or Youtube the plugin can establish a direct link to the user's account. If the user writes a comment on the website or "likes" it by clicking the social media button, the plugin shares this data with Facebook and connects it with the user's account. To prevent this, users must first log out of their social media accounts. Users should also read the privacy policies of Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, Twitter, Vimoe, and Youtube. It is possible to install an add on that blocks social media plugins to prevent data from being shared.
7. Google Analytics
We use Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google LLC ("Google"), 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA. Google Analytics stores cookies on your computer to compile statistics about your use of our website. We have entered into a contract with Google for this purpose.
Data collected by these cookies about your use of the website (including your IP address) is anonymous and cannot be traced back to a specific computer. Only in special cases does Google share a complete IP address with its server in the US and shorten it there. Google uses this data to compile statistics about your use of the website, track activity on the website for the website's host, and provide other services related to website activities and use. IP addresses from your browser collected by Google Analytics are not combined with other data from Google. More information regarding how Google Analytics uses data can be found in Google's privacy policy: You can prevent the collection of data related to your use of the website generated by cookies by downloading and installing the browser plugin at the following link: Doing so may result in parts of our website no longer functioning.
You can also prevent Google Analytics from collecting your data on this website by clicking on the link below. It will activate an opt-out cookie preventing the future collection of your data when visiting this website: Deactivate Google Analytics
8. SSL Encryption
Our website uses SSL encryption for security purposes and to protect confidential information that is shared, including inquiries you send us as the website host. An encrypted connection is marked by the change in the browser's address bar from "http://" to "https://" and the padlock symbol next to it. When SSL encryption is activated, data you share with us cannot be read by third parties.

9. Online Shop
Articles are available for purchase through our online shop (books, DVDs, posters, postcards, bags, t-shirts). To simplify the transaction and contract management on the online shop, we save IP data, including the name, address, and email address of the buyer.
Additionally, the following data is saved for the purpose of contract management: name, address, email address, and, optionally, company or credit card information. This data is necessary for fulfilling the terms of the contract and carrying out pre-contractual provisions. Without this data, we cannot finalize a contract with you. We do not share your data with third parties except for sharing credit card information with the bank responsible for debiting the purchase, your contact data with the shipping company for the delivery of the articles, and the invoice data with our accountant when filing our taxes.
In the case of incomplete purchases, saved data is deleted. When a transaction is completed, all data required for the contract is saved until the end of the tax retention period (7 years).
The name, address, purchased items, and purchase date are saved until the end of the product liability period (10 years). Data processing is based on the Austrian Telecommunications Law (TKG), Subsection 96, Paragraph 3 and GDPR, Article 6, Paragraph 1(a) (consent) and/or (b) (required for contract fulfillment).
10. Online Registration ("My Film Museum")

You can register on our website to make future purchases and reservations easier and use your membership and digital 10 ticket packages online. This requires that the information in our database be identifiable.

When you register via our website, we collect the following data:
  • First and last name
  • Valid email address
For identification purposes, the membership number provided by the Austrian Film Museum is also required (if available).

This data is collected
  • to identify you as our customer;
  • for corresponding with you about your registration;
  • to alert you of changes in our services;
  • to manage customer data.
Log-in data from incomplete registrations (i.e., the confirmation link sent by email was not clicked) is automatically deleted after 21 days.
In compliance with the GDPR, we are required to delete data that it is no longer necessary to process after a specific time period (see point 3). This is 3 years for inactive membership or registration data and 7 years for online purchases (tax retention period).
We are happy to delete your personal contact and registration information immediately upon request unless we are required to retain the information longer in compliance with GDPR, Article 6, Paragraph 1, Line 1(c) on the basis of tax and liability retention and documentation (in the Austrian Business Lawbook [HGB], Tax Lawbook [StGB], or Austrian Fiscal Code [AO]) or you have agreed to a more detailed retention based on GDPR, Article 6, Paragraph 1, Line 1(a). Please contact our office at: . This deletion will not automatically end an existing membership.
11. Online Ticket Shop

On our website, you can purchase tickets for events and screenings, 10 ticket packages, and memberships. You will need to fill out a form with your personal data, which is shared with us and saved.

When you make a purchase through our website, we collect the following data:
  • First and last name
  • Valid email address
For purchases of memberships, we also collect your address.

Supporting members who would like to make their donation tax-deductible must also provide their date of birth so that they can be identified by the tax office.    

We collect this data:
  • to identify you as our customer;
  • to process and carry out orders;
  • to contact you regarding your order or membership;
  • for invoicing;
  • to mail you our program;
  • to file possible liability claims;
  • to manage customer information.
When you place an order, you will be asked if you consent to the use of this data. We only share your personal data with our service partners to carry out orders and with credit institutions to process payments. We only share the minimum required data with third parties.
Data processing for your order and/or registration is done based on GDPR, Article 6, Paragraph 1, Line 1(b) for the above-mentioned purposes to process your order and for the mutual fulfillment of obligations in the purchase contract.
Personal information collected to carry out your order is stored until the end of the legal retention period and then deleted unless we are required to retain the information longer in compliance with GDPR, Article 6, Paragraph 1, Line 1(c) based on tax and liability retention and documentation (in the Austrian Business Lawbook [HGB], Tax Lawbook [StGB], or Austrian Fiscal Code [AO]) or you have agreed to a more detailed retention based on GDPR, Article 6, Paragraph 1, Line 1(a).
11. Contact
You have the right to ask us for data stored about you and ask us to correct, delete, or restrict the processing of this data. You also have the right to revoke or object to previously given consent to the processing or sharing of your personal data. You can contact us at any time at .
If you believe your personal data is not being processed in accordance with your privacy rights or if your rights to privacy are in any other way being violated, you can file a complaint with the Austrian Data Protection Authority.
Austrian Film Museum
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