Monsterclass © Nicolas Mahler

Monsterclass Nicolas Mahler
Book Presentation and Film Screening

January 6, 2019

In his latest book Das Ritual, Viennese comic book artist Nicolas Mahler pays tribute to his love for cinema. Recently, Mahler's unconventional and unmistakably minimalist comic adaptations of highbrow books such as Thomas Bernhard's Old Masters won him a good share of public attention. As a follow-up, he set his sights on a decidedly less prestigious master: Japanese stop motion animation genius Tsuburaya Eiji, known for his analogue special effects in the Godzilla films.
In a monsterclass conversation with Christoph Huber, the artist will give insight into the laborious process that went into the making of his new work. Mahler will also present a number of cinephile comics (as well as previously unpublished pieces of film criticism!) reflecting his time as a Film Museum regular in the eighties. As bonus goodies, special Mahler merchandise reinterpreting the traditional Film Museum design will further glorify the occasion. Though it goes without saying, signed copies will be available.
After the presentation, the Film Museum will honor Tsuburaya Eiji's memory with the original Godzilla, his most famous legacy – at least in spirit: "All of that belongs to the studio. None of it is mine."
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