Modell einer Hand, 2018, Rosa John

10 Years of filmkoop wien

December 21, 2019

filmkoop wien is a place where moving images are created. It is a place, but also an idea: that of a non-commercial, democratic and open collective. A collective that is based on personal commitment in order to create a space of independent artistic creation, freedom and experimentation.

filmkoop wien was founded in 2008 by the alumni of the Friedl Kubelka School for Independent Film, in the spirit of Friedl Kubelka's motto of letting skill follow desire instead of the other way around. The filmkoop has been steadily growing ever since, changing and expanding its scope and horizon. Its identity, however, remains unchanged: It is a space where analogue practices are maintained and developed, equipment is collected and repaired, knowledge is passed on and modes of cooperation are tried out. The filmkoop hosts facilities such as a dark room, editing tables, cameras, projectors, splicers, a micro-cinema and a bar and has been the venue for countless workshops, screenings and performances.

The screening presents a small bouquet of cinematic works from the last 10 years. In the spirit of friendship and collaboration, the program deems every film equally worthy as a personal expression, as an effort, as a wish and a gesture. It is a celebration of the experiment, of formal differences, of fantasy and poetry, of thematic variety and cinematic possibilities. (filmkoop wien)

Film installation in the foyer of the Film Museum:
Rot Grün Geburt (2018) Raphael Reichl. 16mm, Farbe, 1 min (loop)
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