Yoman Sadeh / Field Diary, 1983, Amos Gitai (Foto: Tel Aviv Cinematheque)
Biba, 1977, David Perlov (Foto: Tel Aviv Cinematheque)
Ha-Nashim Mimul / The Women Next Door, 1992, Michal Aviad (Foto: Tel Aviv Cinematheque)

Carte Blanche
Jerusalem Cinematheque

The program features outstanding examples of a subgenre that is of particular importance in Israeli (documentary) cinema. The diary film, which in its personal form significantly differs from "objective" reports, has established itself in Israel under the formative influence of exceptional director David Perlov as a logical form for dealing with the country's present and history.

A cooperation with Jerusalem Cinematheque & Tel Aviv Cinematheque.

Tamar Freeman, the curator of Jerusalem Cinematheque, and its archive manager Meir Russo will unfortunately not be present at the programs of the retrospective as announced.

Due to the developments around COVID 19, the screenings on March 25 and 26, 2020 could not take place as originally planned. We are working on ways to share them with you at a later date.