Ragazze la vita trema (Mädchen, das Leben bebt), 2009, Paola Sangiovanni
Puzzle Therapy, 1975/76, Annabella Miscuglio
Il piacere del testo (Die Lust am Text), 1977, Adriana Monti
Processo per stupro (Ein Prozess wegen Vergewaltigung), 1978, Loredana Rotondo, Roni Daopoulo, Paola De Martis, Annabella Miscuglio, Maria Grazia Belmonti, Anna Carini

La lotta non è ancora finita
Feminist Cinema from Italy

April 29 to May 2, 2020 (cancelled)

The Italian feminism of the 1970s clearly stands out among other contemporary Western feminisms. Distinguished by its radicalism and the diversity of approaches and forms, the movement included a number of practices and theories that coexisted, communicated with one another, and often collided. Coming soon to the Film Museum: a kaleidoscope of forms, languages and media, militant and experimental films, television documentaries and feature films.

At the opening, curators Annamaria Licciardello and Constanze Ruhm will be talking to the Italian author, dramaturg, theatre director and filmmaker Dacia Maraini.

The reading with Dacia Maraini (April 30) is being held in cooperation with Folio Verlag and the Italian Cultural Institute Vienna.

Due to the developments around COVID 19, the screenings from April 29 to May 2, 2020 could not take place as originally planned. We are working on ways to share them with you at a later date.