Viennale Sujet 2021

Viennale at the Film Museum

October 21 to 31, 2021

The Austrian Film Museum is not only the venue for our joint retrospective with the Viennale, Film as a Subversive Art 2021, but also a festival cinema showing special programs and contemporary works from numerous filmmakers.

We are looking forward to the following guests: Eva Sangiorgi (Viennale); Yuri Ancarani (Atlantide); Ephraim Asili (The Inheritance); Ute Aurand (Renate; Glimpses from a Visit to Orkney in Summer 1995); Wilbirg Brainin-Donnenberg (As time goes by); Ignacio Ceroi (Qué será del verano); Terence Davies (Benediction; The House of Mirth; The Long Day Closes); Ted Fendt, Daniela Zahlner, Katharina M. Grabner (Outside Noise); Natalia Garayalde und Eva Cáceres (Esquirlas); Marko Grba Singh (Rampart); Michaela Grill (under the microscope); Friedl vom Gröller (Das Rad; 2020); Àlvaro Gurrea, Carolina Diez Rodriguez and Rocio Mesa (Mbah jhiwo); Henry Hills (Social Skills); Karl-Heinz Klopf (Nesting Endless); Viki Kühn (Sie möchte, dass er geht, sie möchte, dass er bleibt.); Salomé Llamas (Hotel Royal); Lois Patiño (Sycorax); Elisabeth Perceval and Nicolas Klotz (Nous disons revolution); Jean-Gabriel Périot (Retour à Reims (fragments)); Christiana Perschon (Sekundenarbeiten); Jan Soldat (Nullo); Peter Tscherkassky (Train Again); Óscar Vincentelli (La sangre es blanca); Jola Wieczorek (Stories from the Sea)

No reservations accepted for screenings from October 21 to 31, special ticket regulations apply during the Viennale.
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