KKOE Tunesien
Eumig Nautica Version 3, 1976, Franz Kratochwil
Viennette Eumig Cameras 3, 5, 8, 1968, Franz Kratochwil
Ruhe, ca. 1985, Johanna Mittendrein

Collection on Screen:

Cinematic Postcards

June 26, 2022

Everyone knows them: vacation films. As soon as movie cameras for private use entered the market, they were used to document moments outside everyday routines. Travel was a favorite subject for amateur filmmakers. These films show how the camera's gaze sustains, avoids, or seeks out confrontations with distant places and strangers.
A program showcasing a selection of private vacation movies to inspire anyone ready to travel and everyone staying at home. It also features ads for small-gauge cameras and films featuring Vienna as a travel destination. A film gauge was even developed for the needs of ambitious traveling filmmakers: UltraPan 8, a widescreen 8mm format conceived specifically for shooting panoramas. (Vanessa Scharrer / Translation: Ted Fendt)
For each series, films are listed in screening order.
Running time: 23 min
Sun, 26.06.2022 20:30
Introduced by Martin Reinhart / Lecture by Guy Edmonds