Maly Cousteau, 2013, Jakub Kouřil
A Colour Box, 1935, Len Lye
Bizzarrie di una ruota (Das durchgedrehte Rad), 1908, Anonym
Les Six sœurs Dainef (Die sechs Schwestern Dainef), 1902, Anonym

Cinemini on Tour
Cinema for Little Ones

May 8 and 29, 2022
Cinemini on Tour brings film programs, moderated by a film educator, to children ages 3 and up and their families.

A Splash of Color takes us on an exciting journey through animated and experimental films reaching back to the origins of cinema. Back then, film strips were still hand-painted or dipped in dyes. Today, other techniques are used to show things like how an adventurous child drinks tea with a turquoise octopus. Even the colors begin to dance! (Stefan Huber)  

Cinemini on Tour was developed as part of the CINEMINI project, in which the Austrian Film Museum is a partner. CINEMINI is funded by the Creative Europe MEDIA program.

Entry: 4.50 euros per person. Tickets for this event can be reserved or purchased at our box office.

On May 29, our event takes place in collaboration with Vienna Shorts
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