Educational Film as Practice
Symposium and Screening

June 9 to 11, 2022

When does a film become an educational film? There is a lot to be said about determining the difference beyond mere formal techniques and pedagogical dramas. Over the past hundred years, making films educational often meant enhancing the filmic artifact itself through accompanying lectures, re-editing, and supplementary media such as informational papers and slides. Educational films are prime examples of film history that, as cultural and media history, dissolve the borders of works on film and highlight practices of editing, presentation, and combination. Since July 2019, the Austrian Film Museum has been a collaborative partner in a research project into the practice of educational films in Austria. The final symposium places the results within an international context. (Joachim Schätz / Translation: Ted Fendt)

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The project "Educational Film as Practice" is financed by FWF – Der Wissenschaftsfonds and carried out at tfm | Institut für Theater-, Film-, und Medienwissenschaft der Universität Wien with national research partner Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Digital History.
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Thu, 09.06.2022 19:00
Introduction and moderation by Christian Dewald and Vrääth Öhner
Fri, 10.06.2022 09:30
Session 1 to 4
With contributions by Nico de Klerk, Vrääth Öhner, Sophia Gräfe, Katrin Pilz, Kay Hoffmann, Anna Högner, Dimitrios Latsis, Julia B. Köhne, Joachim Schätz
Sat, 11.06.2022 09:30
Session 5 to 8
With contributions by Katerina Loukopoulou, Christian Dewald, Nicholas Baer, Marie-Noëlle Yazdanpanah, Christian Swertz, Fabian Tietke, Renée Winter, Vrääth Öhner, Emil Stjernholm, Erik Florin Persson, Anja Sattelmacher