Repercuti, 2022, Rebeka Bándli, Jakob Bierbaumer, Aurelie D‘Ardailhon Miramon, Nina Döller, Leonie Frühe

Artistic Research at the Film Museum:

In Between Views: Film Portraits

July 2, 2022
Since the fall of 2018, the Film Museum has been developing a special focus on the field of Artistic Research in cooperation with universities and art colleges. The decisive factors for our focus on Artistic Research are the vast possibilities for the examination of the film medium in all its dimensions – historical, contemporary, and in respect of its continuation in other media and art forms. Research into our collection can only take place by sharing and transforming it – these are central concerns of our work, together with the valorization of analog film.
How might a study of encounters look aesthetically? A series of thoughts and reflections on working with aesthetics were initiated by Christiana Perschon's feminist portrait of women artists Sie ist der andere Blick (2018) as well as her "Performative Archive in Moving Images" and fragments from her current work on the relationship between "film and care." The experimental film portrait has been the linchpin for examining questions such as: How do I get closer to a person or a person's image? What can I learn about or from a person if I have a camera as a visual tool? If there is something inherently visual about any encounter: Which requirements of making something visible and hidden confront the idea of reciprocity? What happens when narration is not important? (Katharina Müller / Translation: Ted Fendt)

The results of these research and teaching activities are presented to the public at the "Invisible Cinema" once per semester, with free admission.