Cannibalizing the Conductor, 2022 © Derek Howard, Emma W. Howes, Justin F. Kennedy

ImPulsTanz @ Filmmuseum

July 11 to 29, 2023

Having passionately cultivated contemporary dance and performance since its founding in 1984, ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival now celebrates its 40th anniversary and returns as a guest of the Film Museum for the second time: Featuring two music video programs curated by Theresa Pointner (ImPulsTanz) and Christoph Etzlsdorfer (Film Museum) and presented in collaboration with Vienna Shorts, the Austrian premiere of 1001 Nights Apart about Iran's ban on dancing, a refined look at the choreography of Marie Chouinard in the film Umwelt, de l'autre côté des miroirs, the travel documentary Post Confinement Travelogues by theater director Michael Laub, the question Why we fight? posed impressively by Alain Patel and Mirjam Devriendt, and the dance film shot at ImPulsTanz 2021 Cannibalizing the Conductor by Derek Howard, Emma W. Howes and Justin F. Kennedy. (ImPulsTanz / Translation: Ted Fendt)

In collaboration with ImPulsTanz and Vienna Shorts. Hosted by ray

Theresa Pointner and Christoph Etzlsdorfer in attendance (July 11, 17, and 29) and in the presence of the filmmakers David Mambouch (July 20), Alain Platel (July 25), Justin F. Kennedy and Emma W. Howes (July 29).

Free seating at all events
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