Unsichtbares Kino 3 © ÖFM/Bruno Klomfar

Eyes Wide Shut
Two Concerts at the Invisible Cinema

November 18 and 19, 2017

The concert series Eyes Wide Shut picks up where the “Vienna Version” of Morgan Fisher's 2012 film Screening Room left off: in a frontal close-up of a glowing, filmless screen.

How do we hear in the cinema? Can we imagine a parallel history of cinema that renounces the dominance of image over sound and reflects on the film as much as the movie theatre based on its acoustic qualities? These questions will be addressed again and again by upcoming events in the following seasons at the Film Museum. The first occasion presented itself thanks to a cooperation with Wien Modern, and we have the pleasure of announcing two concerts at the Invisible Cinema.

On these evenings, with the exception of the emblematic showing of Morgan Fisher's experimental film Screening Room (1968/2012) intended for the Film Museum, film will take a break. Two musical performances, one by Ensemble SUGAR and the other by Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop, will musically reinterpret the space of the Invisible Cinema, calling our attention to our fixation on the image on the screen as a source of acoustic sensations.

Two evenings between surround sound, experimental video, musique concrète and the texts of French composer and theorist Michel Chion.

Eyes Wide Shut is a joint project with Wien Modern and was conceived and put into action by Han-Gyeol Lie / .akut Association for Aesthetics and Applied Cultural Theory.