So leben wir – Botschaften an die Familie, 2017, Gustav Deutsch (Foto: sixpackfilm)

HOME MOVIE NOW?! Master Class Gustav Deutsch

April 8, 2018

On the occasion of his new film So leben wir – Botschaften an die Familie, which consists entirely of private film material combining footage both historical and contemporary, that of others and his own, Gustav Deutsch will put the genre term "home movie" up for discussion. With his early found footage works featuring private film materials as well as original small gauge films and contemporary digital formats as a point of departure, the master class will go beyond a theoretical and verbal engagement with the topic, searching for a visual and sensuous approach.
Contrasting historical examples of analogue private film works with today's digital moving image production, social and cultural as well as media-historical differences and developments will become apparent.
Starting from his own films, in which new connections are established between private analogue film material and digital contemporary formats, Deutsch will explore the question of the filmmaker's responsibility relating to the reuse of moving images that were never meant to be shown in public. On the other hand, examples from the contemporary media internet culture and their multiple reuse and dissemination will highlight the personal responsibility of the producers of "private" visual recordings and the responsibility of the "disseminators."
Private flotsam then and now: Quo vadis?
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