Beed-o baad (Willow and Wind), 1999, Mohammad Ali Talebi

When the Wind Blows

June 10 to 12, 2022

This program is dedicated to the wind as backstage element and extra and deals with breaks and absences. Wind invisibly brings movement into images: It pushes clouds past, pulls through tall grass, bends trees, tears wigs off heads, and rattles signs. Memories of childhood, hometowns, and traditions are surrounded by a constant swoosh that continues as a visual echo. The sound is quiet, the pace slow, but the stories are anything but harmless. When the leaves move, when the wind gently blows, something becomes visible that was hidden from sight. (Claudia Geringer, Vivian Zech / Translation: Ted Fendt)
Curated by Claudia Geringer and Vivian Zech with support from Martin Reinhart (University of Applied Arts Vienna)
A supporting program to the exhibition of the same name at KUNST HAUS WIEN.

A collaboration of University of Applied Arts Vienna, KUNST HAUS WIEN, and the Austrian Film Museum.

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